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Getting Passed: Student Reviews

Welcome to the Getting Passed review centre, the resource that lets my students tell me what they thought of my lessons.

  • David Lomas
    I had been learning to drive for over 3 years with two different instructors and felt after 3 unsuccessful driving tests that i was not receiving quality tuition from them. I came across Mcgrath school of motoring and asked if he would be able to teach and get me through my test. James' unique style of tuition and individually structured lessons were just what I needed. A patient man who makes you feel at ease at the wheel while teaching you a life long skill. I am pleased to say that I was successful in gaining the all important licence and it is with great pleasure and gratitude that I can recommend Mcgrath school of motoring to any new pupil
  • Chris Hextall
    I started with james, with no previous experience, within a matter of weeks I was a confident driver and my progress was greatly improving with each lesson. James also was a massive help with passing my theory test. He is a very patient instructor and makes you feel very comfortable. I passed very quickly compaired to all my friends, which is no doubt down to my instructor. Now passed I am soon looking to book my pass plus with James. Overall a very comforting, and patient instructor, Excellent
  • Sarah Roderick
    I started with James when he was part of a nationwide school, and knew, when he went independant he wasn't leaving me behind!! I struggled with my confidence as a driver and James did his upmost to reassure me and he constantly kept his cool (even when I was 8 months pregnant and could barely fit behind the wheel), he has a methodical approach to every situation and breaks it down so it is easy to understand. He has a brilliant personality and I think he is very easy to get on with...James you're the best...and Thanks!
  • Faye Grimley
    I started my lessons with James just because I saw his car drive past. On my first lesson I was really nervous I had no previous experience but James made me feel really relaxed. He is a very patient instructor, on some lessons I did not understand the way he was explaing so he changed his examples so I could understand. I would recommend James to anyone.... good luck James and thanks a lot its the best thing I ever did!
  • Sophie Grundy
    I continued learning with James when he left a national school and set up his own driving school. He made learning to drive enjoyable and I always looked forward to my lessons. Thanks to James I passed my driving test first time. I would certainly recomend James as a driving instructor, he's friendly and can adapt his teaching to suit specific learning needs.
  • Josh Walsh
    I started to learn to drive with James, I did not have any prior experience of driving before this but within my first lesson James made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, this was continued throughout my lessons. James was extremely friendly and patient and kept his cool at all times, he structured his lessons to help fit my specific needs. As well as helping me with the pratical side of driving, James also helped me with the theory side. After only a few months of driving with James I passed my test first time. I would recommend James to anyone, best of luck James and thank you very much.
  • Alex Kinnaird
    So many good reviews! What can i say? Our Jim - brilliant! Can't fault the man at all, calm, patient, and funny too! Man of talent he is! Jim offers a comfortable and relaxed learning environment, which enabled me to pass first time :D. Cheers Jim
  • Sharon Evans
    I cannot thank James enough for what he has done for me. I had some lessons years ago and thought driving was not for me. I then found out about James from a work colleague who was having lessons of him. She told me how patient James was. So I thought I would give it a go again. James was just like she said the most patient man I have ever met. No matter how many mistakes I made and there were lots of them, he never shouted at me. He would just explain what I had done wrong and show me how to correct it. The end result of this being I passed first time. I then went on to have a motorway lesson from him and today I took my kids out to the seaside. James I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me. I would recommend James to anyone. James I miss the laughs we had together and the way you made ever lesson fun. Once again thanks.
  • John Sharp
    I would just like to thank Jim. Jim you made it all so easy right from the very first day. With all your help doing the theory and hazard test, all the way through to the driving test which i passed all of them first time. Jim i am telling everyone about you. Thanks again
  • Stevie Cutler
    I would just like to say a big thank you to Jim for helping me pass my driving and theory tests and always having confidence in me to do well, he also made me laugh the odd time as well! Thank You Jim!
  • Joanne Burnhope
    Thanks for everything Jim, you are a great teacher and always had confidence in me. You made me feel very comfortable and always had a laugh. I would recommend Jim to anyone.
  • Mark Bentham
    James is an excellent instructor; friendly and reasonably priced. I would recommend him to anybody! The PassPlus facility also a bonus!


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